• Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.

    Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur

AMG Coaching Business Coach Gold Coast

Jason Allender | AMG Business Coach Gold Coast

Jason Allender | Business Coach  

Is it time for positive change in your business?

At AMG Coaching, we work with ambitious businesses to bring these plans to fruition. If you want to grow your bottom line, reclaim a healthy work-life balance, or increase your customer base, we can help.

Join many other businesses from around the Gold Coast in my executive business coaching program. In one-on-one meetings, we’ll go through the key factors that affect your business’s performance – and your lifestyle. With the wisdom of entrepreneurs, theorists and past clients to guide us, success is within reach. Concrete goals lead to concrete change.

When you’re looking for a business coach, you need someone with experience. I’ve founded businesses, growing a successful publishing house from the ground up and worked personally with clients to improve cash flow, decrease owner stress and improve functionality in their businesses.

I understand firsthand the stresses and uncertainties that can come with running your own venture. More importantly, though, I also understand what makes it worthwhile.

Time is our greatest intangible asset. The purpose of the AMG coaching program is focus your efforts on freeing you from the day to day time constraints of running a business.

If you’d to learn more about business coaching with AMG Coaching, get in touch. Chat with me about your business’s position and gain a quick insight into achieving your goals. We provide free initial consultations.

I would like to express my gratitude for my time with you coaching me over the last 12 months.

From the smallest of concepts (like the citric oil in the office) which improved my productivity to the big picture concepts like my vision, mission, goals, point of difference and personal guarantee, you’ve facilitated real change in my business and my life.

As you know my sales revenue doubled during my time with you and I am now working my ass off to double it again.

I will happily refer clients to you in the knowledge that if dedicated then they too can achieve long term results for their business.

Jeannie SavageDirector, Cloud 9 Bookkeeping

I have found Jason to be so inspirational and the ideas to improve and systematize my business to be amazing.

Working with him is easy and the energy he gives you to continue with your business and the improvements is just what you need.

His knowledge of marketing and ideas that work is invaluable. In times of stress one phone call to Jason makes it all better and I am able to logically move forward with the steps we discuss.

He has quadrupled my business’s income in the short time we have been working together.

I recommend you have Jason on your team as coach and I am so glad I have found him for mine.

Suzi McLennan-LyonDirector, The Hound Hutt

Before Jason’s help I was running the workshop, doing all the repairs and servicing, bookkeeping and dealing with the customers on my own.

I was always busy but nothing ever seemed to flow well and I never made enough profit tojustify the stress and the long hours.

With Jason’s help, being a business owner is so much simpler! I have put on 2 more full time mechanics, moved to a larger workshop and we are making more profit than ever.

I’m spending 1-2 hours less at the workshop per day and am less stressed and more energised than ever.

I have found all this extra time in each day to work on improving and growing my business and finally spending some good quality time with my family.

Evan BryneDirector / Owner, Trade Mechanical

Initially I was sceptical about business coaching, as everyone is after $ from you these days and I thought ‘why do I need a business coach anyway?, coaching is for footy, tennis and athletes not a physio clinic’.

His support and the ability to contact him with business ideas, gain feedback and input on marketing campaigns and develop strategies to improve my business and marketing is vital.

Each session provides me with knowledge, new skills and importantly the confidence in running my own business effectively and efficiently.

Jason is now a mentor and a valuable asset to Fighting Fit Physiotherapy.

Dean PhelpsFighting Fit Physiotherapy

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