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Business owners will improve their business performance through education and application of our highly effective world-class strategies and tools. We provide business coaching locally and nationally to assist business owners in growing and fast-tracking their business and professional development.


To change every business owner’s life for the better and assist them in achieving greater business and personal success through business re-education.

We help business the most effectively in these key areas:

How Our Business Coach can help your Business

Why Choose AMG Coaching for your business

If you are in search of a professional local business coach on the Gold Coast, Who is well versed with the Gold Coast region, the obstacles that a business can face and can help your business in developing a long term profitable strategy for your business, that can help you in reviving your struggling business or can help you in making your business even more successful from where it is now to where you want it to be, then you are at the right place.

At AMG Business Coaching we will help you developing an actionable plan:

  1. Our Business Coach will help you discovering opportunities and exploring your capabilities further.
  2. Our Business coach will listen carefully your issues and will tell you what exactly the situation is and will help you defining small goals to achieve the bigger business goals.
  3. Our Business coach will help you develop long term profitable business strategies to run your business smoothly.
  4. Our Business Coach will help you reanalysing the implemented business strategy to overcome any contingent hurdle and furnishing the business strategy further.

About Master Coach

Jason Allender

Jason is the Founder and Director of AMG Coaching. His expertise in entrepreneurship, business strategy, marketing, and sales stem from his early start developing successful sales teams for Fortune 500 company AON, and growing a successful publishing house from the ground up in 2005. He was able to gain first-hand experience in all stages of the business cycle having then sold the profitable business after operating and growing it for eight years.

While running his business Jason worked with his own coach and mentor, and found that he also had a passion for helping other businesses achieve greater levels of performance and growth. Through ongoing coaching, mentoring and self-education, Jason undertook intensive study of world renowned business improvement programs and its countless successful strategies.

A study by MetrixGlobal LLC produced statistics of business owners who hired Business Coaches:

  • 53% business owners reported increased productivity
  • 61% business owners reported increased job satisfaction
  • 23% business owners reported that business coaching helped them reducing operational costs
  • 22% business owners reported that business coaching increased their profitability
  • 67% business owners and executives reported improvement in their teamwork skills within their business

Client Testimonials

Evan Bryne

Before Jason’s help I was running the workshop, doing all the repairs and servicing, bookkeeping and dealing with the customers on my own. With Jason’s help, being a business owner is so much simpler. I have put on 2 more full time mechanics, moved to a larger workshop and we are making more profit than ever!

Evan Bryne
Director / Owner, Trade Mechanical

Jeannie Savage

From the smallest of concepts (like the citric oil in the office) which improved my productivity to the big picture concepts like my vision, mission, goals, point of difference and personal guarantee, you’ve facilitated real change in my business and my life. As you know my sales revenue doubled during my time with you and I am now working my ass off to double it again!

Jeannie Savage
Director, Cloud 9 Bookkeeping

Dean Phelps

His support and the ability to contact him with business ideas, gain feedback and input on marketing campaigns and develop strategies to improve my business and marketing is vital. Each session provides me with knowledge, new skills and importantly the confidence in running my own business effectively and efficiently.

Dean Phelps
Fighting Fit Physiotherapy

Suzi McLennan-Lyon

His knowledge of marketing and ideas that work is invaluable. In times of stress one phone call to Jason makes it all better and I am able to logically move forward with the steps we discuss. He has quadrupled my business’s income in the time we have been working together!

Suzi McLennan-Lyon
Director, The Hound Hutt

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