Whichever industry or profession you’re in, time management is important if you want to stay competitive and efficient. It’s very easy in business to try and take short cuts and form bad business habits. Once these become ingrained they are often very hard to change.

Running a business, especially a small business requires a person to be a generalist, you need to be a multitasker and be able to focus on things happening today, tomorrow, next week and even months from now. Details of sales, finance, business operations, staff management, physical shop presence and internet marketing are just a few of the things you need to be constantly on top of.

Some days you may feel more productive and efficient than others, at other times you may just not feel in the mood, unfortunately, business, like time, waits for no one. So often you need just a little help from outside to keep thing running on time.

It is an unfortunate fact, that our brains aren’t designed to run at peak efficiency and give our best performance when multitasking. Fortunately for us there are many technological options available to help boost productivity and improve your time management abilities

So which are today’s best Time Management Tools:

There are many to choose from and while they can all be used in most business applications, many of them are quite complicated and do not really fit most people’s needs. The following apps are probably the best to meet most people’s time management needs and challenges.

  • Zistemo

Zistemo is user-friendly and very quick to download. This software helps to simplify and organise business data, it’s flexible, allowing data to be transferred anywhere it is needed even on other systems.

It offers some very handy features such as project time management. This keeps you up to date with the work being done, including completed assignments, budgets, time spent on different tasks and financial transactions to do with the project. It allows you to easily create invoices and interact with different budgeting and billing methods.

It has a timesheet approval system that allows you to approve, amend or change them with alerts sent directly to your phone

Attendance Management to keep you informed of employees overtime, vacation times, leave entitlements, holidays and sickness times. You can instantly solve scheduling conflicts.

  • ProofHub

A cloud-based software solution, Proofhub is ideal for team collaboration and management projects. It’s designed to help simplify company projects by making time tracking and easy communication between teams and management. It keeps things on track with easy reporting and delivery, its prominent features include

  • Simple workflow management
  • Input time tracking
  • Instant chats between all participants
  • Project calendars
  • Totally integrated
  • Real time notifications

This software is very easy to use and quickly installed

  • Toggl

Toggl is designed as an easy time tracking and management tool to help teams as well as individuals who desire an overview of their working time. It’s prominent features include

  • An auto-tracker
  • Individual time tracking
  • Tracking reminders and alerts
  • Delete-able time entries
  • Manual entry
  • Bulk edit feature
  • Timeline

Easy to use and affordable, it’s suitable for small businesses and large companies with in and out of office capabilities

  • Trello

Trello is a great intuitive tool that uses colour collaboration to make it easy to interact, find and share items and perspectives with team member’s and management to get projects completed on time. Its prominent features include:

  • A drag and drop function
  • Inline editing
  • Check lists with timing and progress metering
  • Easy uploading of files as well as attachments
  • Data filtering
  • Data archiving and recording
  • Deadline reminders

Super easy to operate and understand it is the ideal way to share and interact, with 2 way information in real time.

  • RescueTime

A time management application, RescueTime allows you to easily stop any inefficiencies in your daily work routine and habits. You can see just how much time is spent on certain activities. This gives a clear view and indication where improvements need to be made to improve productivity.

Some of its prominent features are:

  • Tracking offline and online activities
  • Progress monitoring
  • Pause and or quite options
  • Logging of highlights and stages
  • Goals reports

Easy to use and affordable

  • GSuite

The GSuite collection of Google apps is designed for all types of businesses and can be integrated to provide a great solution for business time management 

With the large amount of time management options available today, it can be difficult to choose the right ones to suit your business, so it is necessary to match your business framework to find the right app for your company.