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About AMG Business Coaches

AMG Business Performance is a business coaching and training company who provide expert coaching and mentoring for clients ranging from small business through to large corporations. Based on The Gold Coast and with over 10 years experience, AMG Coaches have helped many business’s set and achieve goals to ensure their long-term success. The team use world class strategies and tools in their coaching sessions and with their one-on-one approach, the sole focus is to see your business succeed. Engaging AMG Business Coaches will be the best decision you will make as they bring objectivity and clarity in what many business owners can find to be all consuming – their business. We will help you focus on the solutions and not to dwell on the problems in your business, with experience on how to improve the systems and processes you have in place. Having a business mentor you can trust and treats your business as if it’s their own is the key to success in business coaching. AMG Coaches will be there to guide you through the many pitfalls of running your own business and develop key strategies to give you an advantage over your competition. AMG Coaches goal is to have you reach financial freedom and have your business run as well if not better, when you are not there. AMG can also provide training and advice to corporate executives and also other business coaches. 

Top Qualities of a great Business Coach

Choosing a business coach is an important decision and to ensure you make the right choice here are 7 qualities that you should consider when making your decision. AMG Coaches build their business on the bedrock of these 7 qualities.

  • Honesty

An absolute must for a Business Coach, honesty must be number one on this list. If you are going to let someone into your inner sanctum, they had better be honest and trustworthy.

  • Experience

A good business coach will have not only many years of experience in the field but also experience with many different clients. They will be able to use their diverse knowledge and apply that to your business situation.

  • Attitude

The right attitude is essential, a passion for business and teaching is key to finding the right business coach.

  • Accountability

Accountability counts both ways here. A good coach will also be accountable to the strategies and processes they implement. They MUST be able to hold the business owner accountable for the decisions they collaborate on.

  • Communication

Communicating your ideas with clarity is important. Your coach must be able to explain in simple terms the how and why of the strategies that are suggesting.

  • Confidence

A good business coach will be confident and concise, he will have complete belief that what he is working on with you, will lead to success. Just remember, confidence is good, arrogance can be dangerous.

  • Open Minded

Your coach must be capable of seeing the bigger picture and not only plan for short term band aid fixes. Collaboration is key here; they must be able to listen to the client and develop a strategy that is acceptable to both parties. 

How AMG Business Coaches are helping local business in Brisbane

Part of the long-term strategic plan of AMG Business Performance is to expand their horizons and gain some traction in Brisbane. Having several long-term clients in Brisbane the business environment is vastly different to that of The Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is full of small to medium businesses, with a population of over 700,000 people, whereas Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city with over 2.5million people. Brisbane is a thriving commercial hub and as such there are bigger businesses and companies located in Brisbane, the AMG coaches experience in small to medium business has been the perfect grounding for their bigger clients in Brisbane, small business values and big business results is what AMG coaching has to offer. If you are looking for a quality business coach in Brisbane, then look no further than AMG Coaching. 

How to select the right Business Coach for your business

As children when we played sport most of the time you had no choice who the coach of the team was. In your younger years it was usually a parent of a kid in the team and as you got older the coach was selected by the club that you are playing for. We go through our whole sporting life being coached, so why is it that as soon as we go into business that we believe we no longer need coaching?

Making the decision to find and use a business coach will be one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your business. Finding the right one could be the difference between success and failure. Here are 3 things to consider when looking for the right business coach.

  1. Look within and know your business.

Before you select your business coach you need to have a good look at your self and your business and understand the reason “why” you require a business coach. You need to be fully on board with the decision, you can’t go into this new “relationship” half cocked. By being honest with yourself about you as a businessman and your business you can be objective and not make decisions based purely on emotion. The right business coach will be able to help you with this process, as long as you are willing to have the hard discussions.

  1. Connection

This is important! You will need to connect with your coach on many levels but most importantly will be mindset and trust. You need a coach that you “click” with and will be able to build a long-term successful relationship with. A business coach must also feel that you are someone that he can work with, you need the coach to buy into your vision of your company as much as you need to buy into him. Trusting your business coach is a necessity, allowing your business coach into your inner sanctum and being completely honest with them is only possible when you 100% trust them.

  1. Personal Mentoring

It’s essential that your business coach offers a one-on-one service. Many coaches provide online or group tutorials but without personalised mentoring your business will never reach its full potential. Your business coach should become an extension of you in your business, planning and executing strategies that only someone with an intimate knowledge of your business can do. As a personal mentor your business coach will also be able to hold you accountable for following through on plans that have been put in place for long term success.

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