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Since working with Jason I have experienced some remarkable results in my business. Before meeting Jason, I had previously had a business coach and participated in group coaching

sessions. I have always believed in personal development and spent time doing business courses, and even acquired my Cert 4 in Business.

I was referred to Jason through another business owner who was at the time working with him and was very impressed with the progress they were making. I particularly liked that it was 1-on- 1 coaching and weekly meetings.

When I started working with Jason I was working extremely long hours, and while the business was doing well, I felt that it was stalled and needed to grow quickly. Systems were not producing the results I wanted, and I was so focused on running and working in the business, that I had no time to work on the business to strategically develop it.

Even though I knew what needed to be done, I was looking for a strong sounding board to help me guide my ideas forward, direct my focus to the right tasks, and prioritise and implement the right actions to reach my goals.

As soon as I started working with Jason we got started by sorting through the chaos and taking control. I got clear on my vision and set about putting it into motion. We wrote down clearly defined goals and broke them down into actionable steps.

I find that the weekly focus sheet or as I like to call it, the ‘hit list’, to be very beneficial in keeping track with our goals. We are able to ensure all requirements are met, and immediately manage problems and challenges as they arise by coming up with a solution and game plan.

He helped me develop a new and more focused marketing strategy, fine-tune our business systems putting more emphasis on productivity, and his continuous revision and improvements to key areas in the business have been invaluable.

In just two years that I have been working with Jason there has been tremendous improvement in my business. We have been able to grow, improve and systemise my business, and revenue has not only increased, it has doubled!

One of my most exciting personal goal/reward I had set to achieve was to own an AUDI RS4. Instead, I am now a proud of owner of a Porsche GT4 and race with the Porsche on a regular basis. So not only did I reach my goal, I surpassed it! I could not have achieved this in the rate I did without continuous training and coaching I received from Jason.

I now spend more time working on strategic development and have multiple platforms for growth. I have a better work-life balance and I’m able to take time off for an international holiday with my family every year.

Jason’s wealth of experience and solutions to known or similar problems that business owners face is invaluable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a true professional with great integrity and honesty.

M. Mantzavinos

Founder and CEO
Mobile HoseFixers Gold Coast

At the time I met Jason, I had full-time employment and a start-up business in retailing wholesale furniture. I was looking for help in starting and growing my business, as well as mental growth and resilience. I didn’t have clearly defined goals, no written plan and no concrete vision. I felt I was working lots of hours, but not accomplishing a lot or moving forward.

I decided to work with Jason because he has experienced the full cycle of business, from start-up to selling a successful business. I believe it’s always best to learn from someone who has been there and knows what it takes to succeed. I was also very interested in the one- to-one coaching, as there are many coaching programs out there, but not many with genuine personalised training sessions.

We’ve been working together now for 7 months and Jason has been there when I’ve needed support and guidance to reset my thinking and keep on going. I remember one time I was in the car out the front of my first customer’s shop, Jason was on the phone just like a coach in a boxing ring corner, giving me words of encouragement to boost my confidence. From then on it became easier.

All of it was new to me coming from being an employee— the reality of adjustments with mindset, workload, prioritising and planning were all concepts that had to be redeveloped. Jason helped me worked through it by instilling habitual goal setting and tracking our progress through a systemised approach.

With Jason’s guidance we have transformed the business from being a retailer to becoming a distributor, streamlining the sales process dramatically.

I now have more free time away from the business, which gets filled by other activities of my own choice, giving me a healthier life-work balance.

Guidance keeps you on the right track. As a coach, Jason can step back and review your business from a different perspective than you could when you’re in the thick of running it. From this angle he can let you know where you need to adjust to improve your path to business success.

I recommend working with Jason to any respectful business owner that is willing to do what it takes to achieve success, not only business but also their personal life.

With Jason’s guidance and mentoring…

  • Vision and Mission – I have a more clarity on my vision – to establish an autonomous and profitable business that provides for our desired lifestyle in the way of freedom with time and finance.
  • Goal setting and Tracking – We have established an ongoing systematic goal setting system that easily tracks our progress to keep the fire alive. One of my key goals have recently come into fruition and now I’m able to reduce my other employment to a part-time basis giving more freedom.
  • Systems and Operations – There has been so much extensive work on developing our systems and operations that a Business Broker has complemented our business on how professional the system has been set up. We now have a business structure, proper systems and key processes in place and the necessary checklist to ensure completeness.
  • Sales and Marketing –Our marketing and sales has evolved into the most simplified, economical and effective process through planned, tested and measured methods. Without Jason’s guidance, we would have wasted so much time and money chasing our tail on ineffective marketing methods. We now have a stand-out sales service for our clients.
  • Financials and Cashflow – Our cashflow has now steadied, we are only limited by keeping up with stock due to our increased sales.
  • Mindset and Leadership – My mindset has dramatically transformed from an employee to a business owner. Jason supports you through this transition at your time of need. Resilience and focused on solutions. Leading the team through structured business training and methods.
  • Team – Our team has evolved to be more efficient in costs and demarcation if duties. Jason provides education and training on how to develop your team to assist in becoming a more effective team along with building growth culture. We now have ongoing training and clearly assigned responsibilities.
  • Growth – personal and business growth There has been personal growth and transformational growth. Our procedure for growth is clearly set out and simple.

I am very excited about the future and having clarity on the methods to grow and develop successful businesses.

D. Baylosis

Owner of Wholesale
Flooring Supplies

Rabbath is a lifelong dream and passion to start a hospitality business sharing our Lebanese cuisine and cultural heritage to our local community. We had many successes, however its growth seemed to always be halted beyond my control. I had great difficulty in understanding why as the product and the service was exceptional, according to our patrons, yet growth and scaling felt an impossible task.

My background in engineering helped in understanding systems and operation, yet in a simpler environment such as hospitality, I could not seem to get it done. I had plateaued and I needed help.

I always believed in personal growth, and I had researched and read several books that helped me become aware of a simple principle in life: One’s business is a reflection of oneself. If one has a healthy mindset, the business has a healthy mindset.

I had tried several techniques to some level of success, however, I always felt I needed a true business coach. I was recommended by a mutual friend, who is himself a successful businessman, and I therefore had a lot of trust and an open mindset to Jason.

There are always reservations when starting a new program, and when engaging a trusted person to help you in business. My reservations were very quickly replaced with confidence in Jason from my first initial meeting with him. He offered a free of charge initial consultation where he explained who he is, what he does and how he can help. I sensed he “got it”. I trusted he not only talked the talk, but he could walk the walk. He had also offered a risk-free guarantee in case I was not satisfied, which was a great peace of mind for such an investment.

I was looking for assistance in all areas of my business. I needed not just a coach, but a confidant, a friend, a colleague, a mentor, and a yardstick. Jason needed to wear several hats while I build my confidence in myself and started to focus on what truly mattered in the business. I am impressed in how many disciplines he is familiar in and excited with. From strategy to tactical work, from finance to legal – Jason brought a level of competency to the table that gave me confidence in building my own knowledge and imparting this confidence in the business through my team and systems.

Since working with Jason, the biggest win in two words is clarity and confidence. Clarity in who I am and what I am to do, and confidence in being able to share who I am in what I do. Reducing this focus to a ridiculous simplicity has been the biggest win for me.

This flows into all aspects of the business, and Jason has helped in all of them as the need arose, and as desperation required from it at times!

The thing I like best about working with Jason is his enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter what problems I would come to him with, he had a way of listening to me, empathising, and shining the light of truth on it. I consider myself a spiritual man, and for me Jason is the closest to understanding who and what God’s spirit of truth might look like in a person for me.

I have another passion in life, which is motorsports, specifically in open-wheeler racing such as karting. I was surprised when Jason said, “we must figure out a way for you to do this regularly!”. When I realised how much energy this gave me in business and vice-versa, it drove home my understanding of why he was pushing for it.

All I know is this: whatever I focus on expands. Because I am focusing on my business with clarity and confidence, my business will expand with me. I am most excited about how I will grow and what the business will look like with my growth, and how many more patrons I will be able to touch along the way with our Lebanese cuisine and cultural heritage.

I feel like I am really having fun and enjoying what I do, rather than being stressed about what I am not able to do, which was my state of mind before I met Jason.

Not all business coaches are equal. But a true business coach is invaluable if you allow him/her into your life. Jason has become an integrated member of our business and a true friend in my life.

Thank you to Jason and his team. I believe in what you all do.

Thank you for believing in me!

Patrick Rabbath

Owner, Rabbath Burleigh

Prior to commencing working with AMG Coaching we were experiencing good growth over the past three years, but it was uncontrolled. I wanted to be more strategic around growing my business.

We were meeting our revenue and profit goals, and our financials and cashflow were fine, but I knew that this was an area for improvement. Our systems were undocumented, mostly guided by experience, the software was very time consuming, and our marketing and sales strategies were limited and reliant on formal and informal networking.

So, I was predominately looking for assistance around marketing and sales — where I had zero experience with, and in recruitment, systems, and processes—where I had no formal training and I didn’t have a lot of time to learn.

I chose Jason as my business coach because his broad knowledge across all these areas of business was very appealing, and he had extensive experience in marketing and sales.

I did have some reservations starting the program around the costs and the unknown nature of having a business coach. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that I wanted to spend more time on my personal development but struggled to prioritise it.

At the start of our work together we ran into some challenges due to staffing issues. I was unable to complete the tasks we set out to grow the business because I was so busy working in the business operations and handling client work.

This highlighted the need to create a less a chaotic work environment through the hiring of additional staff and the implementation of the proper business processes.

One of the first goals we set up was to move me away from the daily client-based activities through the recruitment of the right support team. Our strategy consisted of developing a systematic approached to the recruitment process, as well as the marketing and sales cycle. This has been extremely exciting as it has freed up a lot of my time, enabling me to work more on the business and become more disciplined in getting the work that needs to get done in developing and executing our strategies.

In the 12 weeks we have worked together I now have a clear vision on how to achieve growth through leveraging off existing and new clients and establishing attainable revenue targets. Our growth strategies and the structure to reach our goals are now performed in a controlled and regulated manner.

In terms of leadership and my personal headspace, I am now more focused and have gained more clarity on the bigger picture and outcomes for the business. My team has also increased, and we are now looking at recruiting that next level of support and expansion of the business.

I would highly recommend Jason and AMG Coaching because he is so easy to work with, he is very personable and someone you just naturally get along with. He has a very vast and comprehensive knowledge of business and you can learn a lot from him. Most importantly I would recommend him because of the great results and outcomes we have achieved in the short time we’ve been together.

Ryu Noai

Owner and Principal
Chartered Accountant, Impala Accountants

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