Effective communication is one of the major foundations of a successful business. Whether it is internal or external an effective communication approach or strategy could be the difference between your business and the competition. AMG Coaching is your trusted Brisbane business coach and can help you develop better communication for business both with your employees and clients

2020 has seen a monumental change in the way we all do business, and you are not alone if you are running to catch up. How we communicate with our staff has never been more important with remote working the new normal for many people. Communication with your employees is a two-way street, to ensure that they are being productive and on task, they must first understand the tasks assigned to them. From an employee perspective, they need to feel they can be heard and aren’t just a meaningless cog in the wheel.

Here we will discuss 3 ways you can improve your business communication:

Learn how to listen

We all know that person who seems to just be waiting to talk, not paying attention to anything that is being said. Listening to a conversation is key to fully understand the person who is speaking’s needs. If you aren’t paying attention there is a greater chance that you will not be able to answer questions or solve problems as they arise. It’s important that are actually listening and not just waiting to talk.

Quick Response

As a customer, there is nothing worse than waiting for a business to call you back or respond to your email. A slow response to correspondence is a sure-fire way to get people offside, especially if it’s a new customer. With your staff, you should be responding to tasks and questions in quick time to ensure the productivity of the workplace. It can be easy to internal communications as you might feel they are not as important as external but you and your team are in this together and they should be treated with the same respect.

The 5 C’s

Communication can be made easy by following the 5 C’s

  • Clear – must be easy for the reader to understand
  • Concise – be to the point with no waffle
  • Complete – make sure you include all the information
  • Correct – goes without saying it should be correct
  • Courteous – be polite and not condescending

By following these three easy steps your business will be on the way to better communication not only with your clients but also with your staff. You can’t discount the importance of good communication, the businesses that get it right can flourish and those that do it wrong can be doing their business a disservice The team at AMG Coaching have years of experience in providing business coaching in Brisbane, helping many companies to unlock their potential and start achieving goals they only dreamed of. If you are looking for a quality Brisbane business coach then look no further than AMG Coaching, it will be the best business decision you will make.