One of the many roles of a great business coach in Brisbane is to open your eyes to the value of social media as a marketing tool for your business. Social Media has taken the world by storm since its inception and now there are many platforms to choose from to increase your audience on. This can be a difficult thing to get your mind around depending on your age and also your industry. If you are an older business owner, the whole social media revolution might seem a little bit beyond you, believe me, it’s not. A savvy Brisbane business coach like AMG Coaching can help to demystify social media and make it a friend, not an enemy.

Content is King

A very wise man once said that “Content is King”! This statement is never truer than when social media is at play. For some, this might be a step out of their comfort zone, but it can be the difference between a good and a great business. Getting your message out to the public via social media is extremely important in this fast-paced tech-savvy world. Below we will discuss 3 ways that you can post on social media that will change your businesses marketing strategy.

  1. Live Videos

There is no better way to increase your engagement with your customers than through video. Video is the perfect way to show your audience just who you are and is an easy way to build trust. A well thought out Live Video can entertain your customer base as well as educate them to your point of difference from your competition. Whether it’s an office walkthrough or a product tutorial, the power of live video is real.

  1. Reels

The latest craze on Instagram is the Reels feature. These are short 15 or 30-second videos that you can edit and create something fun and unique just for your business. You can add music and filters to make your Reel unforgettable. The 30-second video is short enough to hold your customers’ attention and keep them wanting more.

  1. Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie and holding contests and giveaways on social media are an easy way to build your audience and increase engagement. It doesn’t matter what platform that you use, this is a cheap and easy way to market your business.

These are just 3 ways to market your business on social media that will set you apart from your competition, but the real key is to be consistent. Ensure that you develop a social media schedule and make sure that you are posting regularly to your platforms of choice. Twice a week is a good place to start until you are comfortable and then you can build your schedule to be whatever you determine to be required. The team at AMG Coaching can help you with all your marketing questions and will develop a strategy to bring your business positive results.