Every business is different with their own individual quirks and unique qualities. To get the best from your own business, it pays to attend a business workshop on The Gold Coast to learn some of the important do’s and don’ts.

Some of the don’ts’s are:

  • Don’t Assume

Never assume that because you’re paying for a professional service that it’s being done correctly, always check everything. People often make mistakes, sometimes through misunderstandings and sometimes through doing a rush job or carelessness. Don’t compound the mistake by overlooking it, accounting mistakes can ruin a business very quickly. Always check everything to make sure as no one cares as much as you do

  • Don’t get Personal

Keep your business and personal life separate; don’t post personal thoughts, feelings or opinions on business websites or social media as these can have a negative impact on your business. Don’t back one sports team against another, just support all sports

  • Don’t expand your business too quickly

While business is doing well, it’s tempting to expand, but before you do that, take advantage of one of the business workshops on the Gold Coast to explore all the ramifications involved, you don’t want to be part of the 80% of all businesses that fail in the first 5 years

  • Don’t hire friends

Many people find hiring friends invites dramas they don’t need and it can lose friendships and loyal employees. It’s best not to get too familiar with your staff as it makes it hard to sort out problems

  • Don’t believe everything

Don’t believe your faithful employees aren’t stealing from you; some of the best workers steal a bit here and there as they feel it’s only perks of the job. If you don’t want them to “take a few perks” make it very hard and tighten security. A little here and a little there soon adds up to a lot and can break a business

  • Don’t stick to misconceptions

Try and be innovative and don’t do things because that’s the way its always been done, go to business workshops on The Gold Coast and check out some new proven ideas

Things to do

  • Become involved

Become involved in the community and get involved in community things so you become well-known and trusted, but don’t pick sides, try to be impartial

  • Always act accordingly

You are the face of your business and your actions tell your customers a lot about you. If you drive a car with your name all over it and drive inconsiderately then people notice and act accordingly

Manage your inventory properly

Only stock things that move quickly and are in demand have stock sitting around is money tied up and useless

Invoice in ways your business can handle

You don’t need to give 30 days’ credit, make deals with customers who want credit such as a discount for payment in 7 days so you’re not always waiting for your money A small business owner is always last to be paid, you have to pay your supplies and employees overheads and debts first. Often there is little leftover so if at the end of the day, month and year you get nothing except older then you need to go and do business workshops on the Gold Coast.