When you’re in business, any type of business, the community you belong to is often your best  source of customers. Your business coach in Brisbane can help you to become a local success story, but you also have to get out there and do your bit to support the local community.


Often when running your own small business, you just have no time to do anything apart from trying to keep things together. This is where a business coach can become invaluable. They can help you work out your priorities, sort out your work load and to know when to delegate to others In other words how  to make a proper workable work plan.

People love to support local businesses

Everyone in the community loves to see their local business succeed and prosper, they become proud of your achievements so becoming involved in the local community helps them know all about you and what you have to offer. Your business coach in Brisbane can help you find the right opportunities in the local community that will get you known and popular. Then you will find lots of return support and your business will grow.

Always be there when your community needs you

There are many instances where local small businesses can chip in an help the community from getting involved in local charity events and sports days, to giving space in your premises to house local meetings or events outside your business hours.

Give locals a good deal or discount

It cost far less than most forms of advertising to give locals a good deal or a generous discount, but it results in very good customer relations. Even with the best local SEO on your website and lots of visitors, positive word of mouth on a local level is still your best way of getting new customers.

If you have a food business, offering all the school students a free dessert or drink when they reach good grades or freebies to all nurses or teachers will very quickly get the word out that you’re supporting the local community and they will respond favourably.

Join Rotary, the local Sports club as a sponsor or talk with your business coach in Brisbane about the most appropriate social community activity that compliments your business

Connect with other businesses

Your business coach in Brisbane will know of all the different associations and business groups that are appropriate for you to join and become active in. Doing this can really give your network a boost and quickly open doors to opportunities that you didn’t know existed. Sharing leads to knowledge and exponential growth.