Constant lockdowns continue to demonstrate that a new method of working will be here for some time to come, at least in the short term. During COVID-19, large portions of the workforce worldwide have been forced to stay at home, while businesses strive to maintain normal operations during a highly unusual time, for now, businesses must find ways to ensure productivity while ensuring the welfare of their employees.

Therefore, organizations must support their employees and find ways to ensure that workers are productive and engaged with their work and are offered the support they need to maintain their overall wellbeing.

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Below are the list of Top productive things businesses can do in Lockdown


To perform their duties effectively, employees require the appropriate technology. The minimum requirement is a laptop computer and a working telephone. In addition to the hardware, your staff members will need software that allows them to communicate, collaborate, and work together as a team. In light of employees having worked from home for a few months, it may be a good time to check-in and determine whether there are any additional requirements or areas that require support. With the adoption of new technology, training and upskilling may be required. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to implement latest technology to increase productivity during lockdown and this can be done by enlisting the help of a quality Brisbane business coach. 


Emotional support is one of the most important elements in terms of an employer’s responsibilities to its employees. During a lockdown, this is particularly apparent. Employees are dealing with a wide variety of factors, both inside and outside the workplace, and support comes in many forms:

  • Allow Flexibility

One of the most important ways to maintain productivity and support your colleagues is to allow employees to work at convenient times. There are some parents who have young children who are unable to work during the day, so they prefer to work in the evenings. Other people may be required to log off at short notice so that a spouse may attend an important meeting. Offering your employees the flexibility to work in a manner that fits their other priorities is essential during a lockdown.

  • Show Understanding

We all are experiencing stressful circumstances at present, and some of us will find it easier than others. We must strike a balance and realize that some individuals may require more assistance than usual, more time to complete tasks, or even a short break from work to decompress or look after their mental wellbeing. We must accept and acknowledge this.

  • Social events

There should be a balance between work and personal life. Organize social-first events using collaboration platforms such as Skype, WebEx, or Zoom. No work-related discussions are permitted. However, employees can socialize and share some time that is not focused on work by participating in quizzes, coffee mornings, and Friday drinks. The use of video conferencing is an excellent means of reproducing in-person social interactions.


  • Provide Structure

Maintaining a degree of normality as much as possible is a good idea. Scheduled meetings and catch-ups are excellent mechanisms for maintaining a sense of structure in the workweek and keeping people connected and focused.

  • Don’t leave people behind

There is every possibility that certain parts of a business will be busier under lockdown, while others will be much quieter. The importance of supporting both active and those whose workload has decreased cannot be overstated. Dynamic teams will need additional assistance. When a team member’s workload has been reduced, they should be reassigned, where possible – look at their skills and see what could be done with them.

  • Keep people informed

As per Brisbane business coach, keep your employees informed in as many ways as possible to maintain both morale and productivity. Employees will have questions regarding the strategy and health of the company and their circumstances as there are so many unknowns. Employees should receive as much information as possible regarding your response, plans, and how they will be affected. Keep your people informed to mitigate uncertainty and speculation.

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