Marketing your business can be a scary proposition for a number of reasons, two of the main reasons are that you are inexperienced or have a limited budget. Here is a little secret, that’s ok. Many of the best marketing strategies and campaigns are developed by regular business owners and don’t cost very much money at all. You can be forgiven for thinking that your marketing needs to be elaborate and target as many people as possible, this isn’t true. Keep it simple and focused and you will more than likely get better results. Below we will discuss some top tips to help you market your business smartly.

Know your market

This is first for a reason, you must know your target market before you even start to think about marketing your business. Looking at your current customer base and seeing where you are achieving the best engagement is a good start. You can then analyse that data to see the who, where and age of your target market. These are all important questions to answer so that you can develop strategies to target a specific demographic to ensure that you get maximum return on your campaign. AMG Coaching provide quality business coaching services on The Gold Coast and can help you to identify your target market.

Be Social

As a parent you are more than likely ruing the day that social media was invented but as a business owner you aren’t afforded that luxury. If your business is not on social media then you are behind the eight ball, there are so many to choose from but choosing a couple staples like Facebook and Instagram and building an audience is an absolute must. It’s an easy way to engage with your customer base and it’s free, welcome to the social revolution, your business will be the better for it.

Create amazing content

In order to maximise your reach online you need to create great content and a lot of it. Great copy, original photos and videos are three ways to take you online presence to the next level. This works in well with your social marketing strategy and both your website and social media accounts working together. AMG coaching practice what they preach here and have some great content including many videos explaining the benefits of engaging a quality business coaching service on The Gold Coast.


An easy way to build your reach is to partner with complementary business that you can benefit from mutually beneficial relationships. There is no stronger marketing than word of mouth and a referral from a partner would be viewed as gold. They could be Vendors, Manufacturers, or suppliers, you can use each other’s business for the benefit of all. Sharing customers lists, referral programs are a couple ways to use your partners.

These are just four very easy and cheap ways to kick start your new marketing strategy, as you begin to master these disciplines then you can expand. AMG Coaching are experts in developing marketing strategies for businesses to see them reach their full potential.