Having a business coach in Brisbane is a great way to improve your managerial skills and interpersonal business. But a business coach from Brisbane can also help you set up a business mastermind group where like-minded people get together to collaborate with each other to share ideas, problems and solutions.


When you have a group of people all working on the same or similar ideas, providing constructive, possitive criticism, proven factual experiences and theories or abstract ideas on possible future developments, many wonderful new ideas can be generated. This type of brainstorming of ideas and concepts can greatly improve everyone’s overall outlook, understanding and business potential in practical and creative ways.

Old School

This is not a new idea, mastermind groups have been responsible for many possitive forward leaps in history. Many people are familiar with think tanks, another name for mastermind groups. Often the idea of think tanks is associated with war-room strategies and the top brass in the army getting together to devise battle plans. Many other famous business mastermind groups in the civilian world have made significant contributions to their respective industries histories and success, such as the Nine Old Men of Disney Movie creation fame.

Throughout history, several famous mastermind groups have cropped up, driving creativity and production, and making a real difference to their respective industry’s history.

Your Business mastermind group can be organised with the help of your business coach from Brisbane who can help you get in touch with other like-minded business people and help form or organise a business mastermind group in your area.

Why is it important to be part of a Business Mastermind Group?

Most people in business are very good at doing the things that allowed them to enter or start their own business. Unfortunately, this does not mean they have the background, knowledge, resources or skills need to expand their business and reach their full potential.

By being involved in a relevant business mastermind group you can learn and gain from the experiences of entrepreneurs who have been in your position as well as join with others at the forefront of your industry to explore new possibilities as well as gain valuable opinions and advice.

Knowledge sharing is the New Power Base

Many people now realize that sharing knowledge and business ideas, using teamwork and cooperation rather than the old idea of jealously guarding your ideas and hiding them from your competitors is far more efficient and effective as there is so much opportunity for everyone to prosper.

Using business mastermind groups is a fantastic way to generate new ideas, stimulate creativity and increase productivity as well as find many unexpected personal benefits including personal development and stress relief.

Your business coach from Brisbane can help you set your business mastermind group up in a way that is most convenient, whether you want just local entrepreneurs, national or international members in your group using:

  • A face to face basis where you meet at convenient locations
  • On the internet with a virtual setting so there is no need to travel or leave your home or office
  • Via social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Using Skype or video conferencing